Personnel placement and services – agency for and placement of medical specialists - measuring technology and systems - plastics technology - plant engineering and automation technology - CNC - graphite electrodes production




Your ONE-STOP-PARTNER! - In the occupation of vacancies with personnel, as a service provider in medical personnel management and as a full-service partner in plant engineering and plastic injection molding

We offer you solutions for different requirements and wishes in different industries and fields of activity. As a competent and informed contact person in the personnel service as well as in the medical sector and in the engineering and plastics technology field, we gladly assist you with your concerns and projects.


Personnel placement and labor leasing

We help you and your company to work through peak periods by providing you with qualified personnel. As an employee (for univerity and high school students from the age of 18 or people with new carrer orientations) we offer suitable jobs fitting your profession  and your ideas as well as the kind of contract you prefer - you can find everything from mini-jobs to permanent positions.


Automation and measuring technology, plastic injection moulding, electrodes production and series production as well as software automation for machines and plants.

The Autmaring Engineering GmbH considers itself a Full-Service Partner in terms of customized operating material and electronic as well as mechanical processes and different requirements  and fields of activity. We offer a large range of services wich is mirrored in our advanced and efficient machine park wich can mastered everything.


Specialist medical agency, placement of physicians, FAA jobs and career planning from expert

We connect physicians with healthcare facilities. As a service provider in the medical personnel service, we function as a link between searching partners.

We identify the interests of each partner and bring partners with similar interests together. A good partnership leads to an employemt relationship in which they give an optimum treatment to patients in need of care. This leads to both parties being satisfied with the partnership.



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