Plastics technology and plastic injection moulding

We create products from your ideas 

We are specialists in terms of developing and manufacturing high-quality plastic components with the help of innovative technology and software. Our machine park consists of the most modern and efficient production machines on the market which allows a large range of production possibilities, depending on your demands.
Our focus lies on the production of technical components. As ONE-STOP-PARTNER we are not limited to the pure casting process for the manufacturing of fitting parts but we also use machining manufacturing methods. 
Our business and production processes distinguish themselves from others thanks to reverse engineering, sample/ prototype and small series manufacturing as well as project management which is made available to you until the very last step of the production. 

Autmaring Engineering, Plastics technology and plastic injection moulding

Plastics technology and plastic injection moulding


Machines - plastic injection molding

  • 650 t closing force
  • 300 t closing force
  • 175 t closing force
  • 90 t closing force
  • 65 t closing force
  • 3 x 50 t closing force