Mediation of doctors of all functional levels throughout the Federal territory

jobs for physicians, mediation of doctors of all functional levels throughout the Federal territory


Who we are and what we do
– A short presentation of Autmaring Med GmbH

We have been present as a service provider in the healthcare sector since 2009. For 10 years we have been one of the few providers in Germany who can temporarily fill urgent positions in the healthcare sector with medical locums or permanently with full-time physicians. It happens often that a qualified and successful substitute physician chooses to stay permanently in a position at a clinic after he or she worked there for a while and got to know the professional environment and the framework conditions. 
We have a pool of experienced employees and a network of cooperation partners. 



We can place applicants nationwide if they are willing to relocate and to hire us to find them a suitable job position. We compare job vacancies to job profiles we have in our pool of applicants, look for a suitable candidate and present the ones we find to our client. In case we can’t find a suitable candidate in our pool, we will post the vacancy and contact the cooperation partners from our network.  



Thanks to our efficient research, we are able to contact specialist physicians who fit our clients job profile, offer them the position and put them in contact with the client if the client wishes for us to do so. We have employees with long years of experience who can perform this task. We assure discretion and confidentiality which is of outmost importance when the matter is about a position which is currently still filled by a different person. During the research process, we will openly and discreetly inform you about our progress. We will provide you with information about how the search is going and about the current view of the market towards your company.  


In dialogue with the clinics we can provide consultations, if needed, and also take care of the organizational unit and of putting together the range of tasks in case a clinic is looking to place an available candidate from us in an open position.   
Physicians ask us for a consultation and evaluation of the employment contract they have to sign, that is when we can make a reconciliation of interest and an amicable agreement. Together with cooperation partners we accompany physicians on their way to self-employment (branch, MVZ). 

Our services are summarized as a brochure for free download