Information about placement conditions

In case we manage to successfully place a person, we can make an employee recruitment contract for personnel placements, meaning that you only have to pay us a commission after you have chosen one of our candidates.
Before we send you applicant profiles for medical specialists positions and managing medical roles, we will sign an employee recruitment contract and get a consent from the physician for sending you his or her documents. For data protection reasons, we can’t send you any profiles without a physician’s consent. We would violate our assurance of secrecy regarding the applicants identity and we would lose the possibility of a commission. Sending you anonymized documents wouldn’t be possible since many important information would go missing. 
It is important for us to receive a job advertisement with information about the framework conditions of the position in order to present them to physicians and for the physicians to decide if they are interested in the job and want to apply for it. We will forward you suitable profiles. 
If we stay in contact via telephone, it will make it possible for us to present you further potential candidates from our pool of applicants. In order to not overwhelm you with too many possibilities, we only put a certain number of candidates on the list we share with you. Please contact us for further candidates.
It is also possible to sign a framework contract for the conciliation agreement for all medical functional groups which would accelerate the exchange of information and of the applicant profiles. We have also attached a sample of this type of contract. 
You can now receive initial information about the candidate profile of the available medical candidate directly by entering the applicant ID and, if you are more interested, enter into dialogue with us. There are also other candidates available in our candidate pool.

Doctor profiles

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