Outsourcing and Onsite-Management



Outsourcing HR processes

If you are a company that always has a need for temporary workers and that doesn’t have enough time to always look for qualified employees, then you can leave this work to us! Autmaring GmbH is the ideal partner with its industry experience in the personnel service. We take care of all the tasks connected to placement of temporary workers – from consulting over recruiting and training to the entire administrative handling. We offer everything out of one hand!


Your advantages:

  • You disburden your permanent staff from these kinds of tasks. 
  • You increase productivity because your staff can focus on the important tasks. 
  • We offer you always the best conditions. 
  • We will train and supervise the temporary workers.





Do you want to use all benefits of the outsourcing process while not outsourcing your internal personnel holding? Then on-site management is the right choice for you. 
We take over all personnel service related tasks and function as a permanent contact partner. We analyze workflows and work processes and can take over their responsibilities if you wish. Since many companies are in contact with different personnel service providers, we try to function as ‘master vendor’ in on-site management who coordinates the other personnel service providers on-site or also at different locations. Contact us! We can gladly provide you with further information.